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*Not responsible for items left longer than 90 days
(from the date we contacted you that your order was ready for pick up)
*Nonresponsive orders are considered abandoned if we do not hear from the customer for 60 days from the last point of contact.
*We reserve the right to replace any product listed with an equal or enhanced/updated product as we see fit.

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Welcome to our 3D Printing & 3D Scanning Page! Please submit your .stl file(s) and your project details (quantity, media color, total size, etc..) in the form below. We’ll contact you soon to gather any additional information needed and provide your estimate.


We've printed hundreds of different items: 20" tall Marvel characters, buildings (scaled-down with great detail), furniture parts, alignment testing housing covers, popup banner stand pieces, the Three Stooges Moe, Larry, and Curly busts, Laurel and Hardy busts, and shelf and table leg shims. Just to name a few....     


* 3D Printing: pricing is based on the following; media/filament needed to print the item requested, the estimated time required to print each item, and design time, if required.

* 3D Scanning: pricing starts at $225.00 

* Mini-farm: Multiple 3D Printers in-house to handle large volume printing/orders.

* Expectations: Please note: 3D printing rarely ever produces perfectly smooth items. The nature of 3D printing is heating/melting plastic media as the nozzle maneuvers around the build plate slowly building the part requested. Fine lines or height adjustment lines are always seen. There are ways to smooth all imperfections, just ask. 

* Support structures: we never include removing any support structures as part of our pricing. Customers are responsible for removing any supports (if any). We'll be happy to show you the tools we use to remove supports on the 3D prints we keep on display in our lobby.


3D Printing and 3D Scanning are both fun and exciting. Submit your request soon so we can get your 3D printed products into your hands asap. :)   


3D print many cool items for your business or home? Test-drive these FREE websites for free files! search thousands of cool things to print search thousands of cool things to print

Search for and download the .stl file(s) for the item(s) you're wanting us to print then upload it/them with our convenient estimate request form below. 

Wanting to change an item to make it better? Create a FREE account here and tinker-away! Or have us re-design it. :)

Remember .stl files are what's needed for us to print or re-design your 3D items. 

Have FUN!! 


Have even more FUN! Watch and share our 24/7 "LIVE STREAM" of the different items we 3D print! You can find us at our YouTube homepage "Mesa, Arizona's Largest 3D Print Farm @Signtastic!" our live stream name is "3D Print Farm in Mesa, AZ" - here's the link:

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