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Let's Go!

Signtastic's Signage Planner & Guide


  • Struggling to know where to start?
  • New to buying a sign?
  • Ever think about the details such as signage types or permits needed?
  • Searching for some information to help you with your sign purchase?

Signtastic! offers a FREE downloadable Signage Planner & Guide for your new sign project. 

Actually printed booklets are available at our shop, stop in for a quick visit and pick one up. Our gift to you. No purchase necessary! 

If not, you'll find downloadable links for each page of the planner & guide below. Call or contact us anytime with questions 24/7 via our webpage, we are here to help you. 

Bookmark this page as a future signage resource tool. 



The last page features a Project Worksheet, a great tool for proper notes and a good starting point to get things moving on your signage and graphics purchase. 

Files/images to send: It would be helpful to locate and upload logo files/images that are saved as a Vector format. A vectored file (.ai .PDF or a .EPS) allows for proper enlargement of images with zero pixelation or any fuzzy-edges of your enlarged images. If you only possess .jpeg's, or a raster image, don't worry to ensure high-quality images we will change or recreate images needed into a proper Vectored image. All customer Vector images are locked in a software vault for use on future projects with Team Signtastic! This is a complimentary service we provide to ensure our printing output is always at the highest image quality. However, these created or changed images used for job orders are the property of Signtastic!, as our designer created them on our time, Pricing for creating vector files is separate and not included in any project pricing. Vector images we have changed, created or enhanced can be purchased at any time.     

Signage Planner & Guide Gallery

Click the images to enlarge.

Signage Planner & Guide Downloads Below

  • FedEx
  • Boeing
  • Jamba Juice
  • Century 21
  • KW
  • IMT
  • Subway