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LED Signs & Custom Polycarbonate Face Signage

RGB Display Signs & Custom Polycarbonate Face Signage

EMC / RGB LED Signage

Indoor and Window RGB/LED displays will capture attention and increase sales like no other. Outdoor RGB/LED displays are some of the most reliable, visible, and affordable LED displays you can find. The huge range of sizes and resolutions offered makes it easy to find an LED sign perfect for your business. If you want to be noticed by MANY more potential customers every day - you need to check out these head-turning LED signs.

RGB/LED Sign Color:

  • FULL-COLOR Displays - Advertise your products and services in dazzling, full-color images and animations! 
  • TRI COLOR Displays - You'd be surprised at the amazing images, graphics, and animations you can create with just amber, green, and red LEDs. 
  • MONOCHROME Displays - Monochrome LED displays are perfect for simple graphics and text messages & still pack a serious marketing punch.

Custom Polycarbonate Faces 

The polycarbonate material makes these signs virtually unbreakable and there are two different methods to craft gorgeous custom sign faces. These processes use large format, ultra-high-resolution printing which is adhered into clear polycarbonate so the images are inside the sign to guarantee an amazing sign face that will make your business proud.

Indoor and Window LED Signs

Storefront marketing has become more important than ever these days.

The beauty of the indoor and window LED displays is that they capture the attention of both pedestrian and car traffic that goes by your business. Program your messages to promote impulse buys while people are walking (or driving) by or inform them of the great products and services you offer.

Sunstar Full Color LED Displays

The Sunstar full-color LED displays are nothing short of stunning. The ability to program high-resolution images and even video onto your sign allows you to market your business like nothing else. When they say "a picture is worth a thousand words" - they aren't kidding.

Display Model sizes:

  • 10mm Pitch Model - Dimensions: 53 1/8" x 28", 3" letter height (at 8 lines of text showing)
  • The 8mm Pitch Model -  Dimensions: 43" x 23, 2.5" letter height (at 8 lines of text showing)
  • The 6mm Pitch Model - Dimensions: 33" x 17 3/4, 2" letter height (at 8 lines of text showing)

All models have a Pixel Matrix: 64 x 128-pixel matrix and can show up to 8 lines of text.

Tri-Color Displays

Bright red, green, and amber colors
Transform your business storefront into a marketing and advertising opportunity with one of our indoor tri-color LED signs and window displays. The tri-color LED displays are smaller than their outdoor LED sign counterparts but are just as bright. They can be seen perfectly, even in direct sunlight. They were made so they could be easily seen in your storefront window both day and night.

They are incredibly easy to program. You can place text or amazing animations on these signs. Your community and potential customers can't ignore your business any longer! 

40SX Tri-Color Indoor

  • Dimensions: 40.5" x 14" x 3.5"
  • 24 x 80 pixel matrix
  • Displays up to three lines of 4-inch text
  • Includes wireless communication device

60SX Tri Color Indoor

  • Dimensions: 62" x 20.5" x 3.5"
  • 24 x 80 pixel matrix
  • Displays up to three lines of 5-inch text
  • Includes wireless communication device

Indoor & Window LED Sign Gallery

Outdoor LED Signs

We have a variety of EMC models to ensure you will find the perfect LED sign to fit your business needs. Our full-color display model options have a great range of resolutions so you can choose the best option for your business location and each sign can display billions of colors.

  • 6mm Displays:  Our highest-resolution displays are perfect for high-resolution images and video. They pack quite a visual punch and can't be ignored.
  • 9mm Displays:  One of our medium-resolution displays that still operates near high-resolution status and can display gorgeous images, animations, and video.
  • 10mm Displays:  Another medium resolution display - but is still perfect for nice images, animations, and video on larger displays.
  • 12mm Displays:  Considered a standard or regular resolution display these LED signs are still powerful on larger displays or farther distances.
  • 16mm Displays:  Best for situations when the displays are larger and typically farther back from the road or viewer. Good for simple images, text, and animations.

Outdoor LED Sign Gallery

LED Display Specification Sheets

Click the image for a downloadable file containing details for each LED display resolution.



Custom Polycarbonate Faces

Studies show that signs with large, beautiful graphics and few words will get more recognition and views than signs with just words on it.  People think and recall in pictures.  Our custom polycarbonate sign face options fit your business' unique branding in your community.  The polycarbonate material makes these virtually unbreakable withstanding anything Mother Nature can throw at it. Many sizes and shapes available.

Custom Polycarbonate Face Options:

  • Vacuum-forming the sign face.
  • State-of-the-art Crystalite process.

Custom Polycarbonate Face Signage Gallery

Contact us or call us toll-free at (855) 644-0593 today and let’s get started on lighting up your business today. Also, tell us how we can help you create the other business signs you need to complete a cohesive look for your brand.

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